Monday, May 9, 2016

Technology? from Ms. Turner

I have gone from no computers to phones that have everything you could want on them.  I love my technology.  BUT…making it a big part of my teaching day was not in my lesson plans.  I used some every now and then but with 2 computers in most class rooms and until this year not any IPads, you had to make a trip to the second computer lab if you wanted to do something with the whole class and not take 2-3 weeks to finish.

Then came this new plan for our school this year and I thought I can do this.  I am still thinking I can do this.  Some days I wish I knew more because there are exciting things that are being done with our technology around our school.  Other days I wish I could give back anything that remotely looks like an IPad or computer. (Usually only on those days that the WIFI is not working.)

My big revelation is that technology is a big equalizer.  I am a Special Education teacher and that means working with students that struggle.  Put an IPad in their hands or give them a laptop and they no longer are the student that struggles, but they become the student expert on how to work your IPad.

They still struggle with the Math or ELA concept, but they know how to work that piece of technology.  I see students going to my students to help them work out a problem on logging on, getting in the app. or just knowing what they need to do.  I see the pride that my struggling students have when they can help others.  I see that student who never volunteers, volunteering to help that student who can’t get their IPad to work. Even I have taken tips from my students because they know their computers!
So no longer a question following technology, but a big yes.  If it can take a struggling student and give him/her a sense of pride in that they can do something another student can’t do, then I say yes.  I am still working to make it more a part of my students’ days, because it will be there for them long after they are no longer with me.


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