Friday, February 12, 2016

Technology, technology, technology!

Technology, technology, technology! What a great way to excite kiddos about learning and meeting them where they are at academically using iPads, computers, and Chrome books. I came from a district where we had access to “iPad Carts” that contained 30 iPads for your classroom. Now you shared your cart with the grade level, but 2 of teammates had their own carts because they were Dual Language. So I only had to share between 3 teachers. It was the life!  I say all of that to say, I thought I was use to using iPads in the classroom. However, I was presented with a new challenge this year, 6 iPads for my 20 kiddos. This experience has really allowed me to see that differentiation can be done with the iPads as a tool. Not everyone has to use them at the same time. Which was a difficult concept for me to grasp. Some of my kiddos may use the iPad for that particular activity and get to use for another activity. Parents are extremely supportive with BYOD. I have some kids that BYOD every day and that is awesome.

Some apps that I have used: Show Me, KidsDoodle (supplement to a white board), Chatter Pix, Pic Collage, Educreation, Haikudeck…
I absolutely love “Show Me”. We use it in math to explain verbally as they work out how to solve a problem. They are also able to listen to each-others explanation of problem solving.
Of course my kiddos take AR on them, but that’s not the only thing we are using them for. We are currently studying heroes in history. They are researching their chosen hero “based on our TEKS” and will create a Chatter Pix giving a quick blurb about their hero.  I have them working in partners so they will complete the assignment on different days. You may think it would get confusing, but they are great about keeping track of who hasn’t gone. Technology has been fun and challenging this year and I think that it is a wonderful way to get kids involved in their learning.

Brittany Brown


  1. Great job with using the iPads to differentiate! I appreciate you sharing your reflections. Please let us know how we can continue to support you!

  2. Thanks for sharing the different apps that you are using. I've tried some of those, but haven't investigated the others, so I'm going to look into them!