Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I'm lovin it!

I was very excited to hear that we were getting iPads in the classroom this year.  Last year I had two and it was very hard to do a lot with 22 kiddos all wanting a turn.  So adding 5 more has made life a lot better.  I am so amazed at how fast the students pick up new new things and their willingness to try new things.  We use iPads every single day in our classroom.  We started with the basics of how to turn them off and on, controlling the volume level, handling properly and even learning how to charge them if they have low battery. After practicing that we began using them in math & ela center time. Each having their own to use to get familiar with.  To make it easier for me & them I made a page of ela apps and a math app page.  That way they know what they can do when without having to ask me.  The center might have anything from playing a game to using a qr code scanner to complete a product.  Either one they are totally excited about and can't wait to be in that center!  It is so rewarding to see them get so excited to do class work.  As they got better with using the ipads we incorporated them into our writing, science and social studies weekly.  I am able to split them into groups of 3 to share an ipad.  At first ,YES it was challenging teaching 5 years olds to share them! It took time and practice.  We also have "2 o'clock tech time" weekly.  This is where students & groups share what they have created.  The kids beg for this!  I mean who doesn't like to share or brag about what they've done?!  They love to sharing and seeing each others work and getting new idea for there next products.  There are so many new things I want to learn and teach my students.  The next thing I would like to do is partner up with a first grade class and let them teach my students how to use some of the cool things they are doing.  Looking forward to getting new ideas to share with my students.


  1. I LOVE knowing that this years Kinders will walk into 1st grade already having these skills. Thank you, Kelly! And if you want to schedule a collaboration time, we'd love to show you some of the things we've done and then look at the things that your class has done. I bet we could learn from each other!

  2. I love your "2 o'clock tech time" idea! And the idea to partner with 1st grade is a great one too! Great job, Kelly!