Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Isn't Life Funny Sometimes!

Isn't life funny sometimes! Last August I was thinking about my goals for this school year. Of course technology was going to be one of them because we were getting ipads and I am a "technology baby". My other goal was differentiating. This is always so challenging, but also so needed. Well the funny part is when I got my class and began to get to know them and their needs. Their personalities, learning styles, and diverse academic needs were going to force me to work on those two goals! I am so grateful to have the ipads, so excited about the possibilities to differentiate instruction, and I still have so very much to learn.

Here are just a few simple (remember I am a beginner who pretty much knew nothing) things that I've tried. 

*Replace vs. Add-There is not more time in our day to do more, so I replace something we are already doing for some of the students.

*Not everyone has to do everything. 

Sketchio-In Social Studies some of the students used this app to illustrate a school rule/procedure and it's importance while other students illustrated on paper.

Doodle Buddy-In ELA some of the students used this app to illustrate and label pictures and how many syllables they heard in the word while other students illustrated on manilla paper.

We use both of these very simple apps as well as Pic Kids in all subjects to differentiate. Some kids are illustrating, some kids are illustrating and being "brave spellers", and other kids are illustrating and writing complete sentences. 

Ten Frame Fill-In Math some of my students used this app to be challenged with making ten and using an equation while other students were learning their numbers and making sets. Now all students are using this app for practice in ways to make ten.

Some of my students love reading on the ipad in Raz Kids while others love to read books from the library or their book box. I love having options to meet their needs and interest.

Twitter is also totally new to me this year. We have used it a few times with our Author Study & Writer's Workshop and connected with real authors and other teachers. We even connected with Jack Hartman who encouraged us as we sing & counted by 5's with his song during Calendar Time.

Although I am still very much a "technology baby" I am trying and learning and that is exciting! I am also enjoying the collaboration with my team, specialists, and administration. I am looking forward to this semester and the new things we will try in my classroom.

Laurissa Bray


  1. Thank you for sharing your reflections! And thank you for embracing the new technology so you can meet your classroom differentiation goals for your students. Great job!