Thursday, December 17, 2015

Walking the Technology Tight Rope

I’ve loved technology and have been intrigued on how to best integrate it into the classroom.  While teaching 6th grade at Harrison Intermediate, I was lucky enough to be teaching on a team where there was almost one computer per student in the classroom.  I taught World Cultures which was not tested in 6th grade.  This gave me the freedom to be very adventurous in my lessons.  I was willing to try any activity that involved technology.  Some of the lessons were incredible, while other lessons bombed.  Regardless of what happened, the kids always seemed to enjoy coming to class because they were learning about both world cultures and technology.

This year at Whitt I have about one device for every two students.  This gives me a lot of freedom on how I can use technology in the classroom.  Although I have had a lot previously successful experiences using technology in my classroom in the past, I am not nearly as adventuresome as I was in the past.  Since I’m now teaching a STAAR tested subject, I am very careful and intentional on how I use technology in the classroom.  When I am preparing my lessons, I always think about what I feel is going to get me the best results.  A lot of the time this is a lesson without technology.  I am often hesitant about using too much technology.  I’m afraid if I change too much in the classroom, I may not get the same results that I got last year.

I am hoping that as I get more comfortable teaching math (this is my just my second year teaching 4th grade math), that I will be more willing to take risks again.  I want to find the proper balance in my classroom of using the right amount of technology while still getting great growth from my students.

Allen Wade

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