Saturday, November 7, 2015

Meaningful Technology

I love technology. Technology opens the door to so many possibilities: keeping up with friends that have moved away, make new friends, learn through Professional Learning Networks, and share experiences. There are so many wonderful things that can be accomplished with the use of technology. 

With that said I believe technology can't replace the personal experience of learning in the classroom and building relationships face-to-face, however, I believe technology can provide ways to enhance our students learning experience in a way that is relevant to their world. One question I ask while planning to use technology in my classroom is, "Will this activity/app/website assist my student in developing a deeper understanding of what we are learning?"  There have been times when I have answered myself with no, I'm just trying to get technology in - and that activity was not used.  I guess that means it's not WHAT we use for education that makes a difference but HOW we use it. 

In our first unit my kiddos learned how to build a number with a decimal using an app called Number Pieces and Number Line. These apps are amazing, and can eliminate the clang of the noisy plastic number pieces I like to build numbers with. 

 Note: Mrs. Wiest photo bombed :) 

Next my app crazed kids put all of their number creations in Pic Collage so that they could type in the three forms of a number (standard, expanded, and written).  

Lastly, the tech savvy kiddos smashed it all together into Educreations and recorded an explanation of the number they created. Below is one example of a student's finished recording. 


If you want to try any of these apps and have questions just see me and I would love to help.