Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You want me to what??

Hey y’all,
At the beginning of the year I was terrifiedTERRIFIED I tell you. I was thinking:

Would the kids be able to handle this?

We are only getting 5 Ipads, these kids are going to fight over these things like crazy!!!

Can they stay on task?

Am I going to have to waste my intervention/guided reading time trying to get an app to work?

I have had some great experiences so far! Don’t get me wrong, there are times where it has seemed overwhelming. However, when I saw that my one year old could navigate through his favorite apps I started realizing that this could be do-able. The kids are great at sharing the Ipads. They love helping each other out if someone can’t figure out how to work an app. Also, when they discover a feature on an app that we didn’t know, they are excited to share with the whole class.

My team has been amazing at incorporating different apps into our lessons! One of the ones we tried last week in math was the Geoboard app.  We introduced 2D shapes and their attributes and then we placed our students into groups. As a group they worked together to figure out how to use this new app. They loved it!! We had to play around with it to figure out how to make the shapes with the different rubber bands but the kids caught on so quickly. We are now using this app as a rotation in our math stations. I really think it has been one of their favorites!

Keep on, Wolves! :)

Jill Brown

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