Friday, October 9, 2015

Labels, Apples, and Skitch, Oh My!

Hey there Whitt friends! I hope you’re hanging in there with conferences! I can’t believe it’s already mid-October - this year is going by so quickly already! This week, I wanted to share with y'all a little app I found called Skitch.

Skitch is an app that lets you mark up and label pictures, and it has so many implications across grade levels that I’ll share a little later.

We used Skitch about two weeks ago. We were just beginning to stretch out words using our linking chart and we were discussing our 5 senses in science using apples. To introduce the app, I pulled a small group of kids during centers, and we took a selfie. We then went through all of the “ins and outs” of Skitch together—drawing arrows and adding words (the app can do other things like draw, pixelate images, etc). These friends then had the kuleana of teaching the app to a friend during our whole group lesson later that day.

That afternoon, we did a lesson on apple parts.  I gave my small group friends the app (pre-loaded with the picture I wanted them to label) and a friend to “teach” the app to. They were responsible for adding the labels to their iPad picture. With the other half of kiddos, we spread out the labels and each got our apple.  We discussed each part individually, its function, and then labeled it on our chart. We were able to explore the apple with all our senses, use our knowledge of letter sounds, and correctly identify each part. During this discussion, my “iPadders” were responsible for stretching out the word and labeling the part on their corresponding picture. This was a great segue into being “brave spellers” and taking risks in writing.

The next day, I put the app into our center rotation, pre-loaded with a picture of yours truly.  My friends were responsible for labeling me using Skitch during our ELA center time. I, unfortunately, did not get a picture of their finished products. Not a single one.  #thestruggleisreal 
But goodness—they were so very excited to show me their work that week. There was a lot of “Mrs. R! I labeled your pants!” and “I labeled her hair—Look! I spelled hair!” #proudteachermoment

Y'all. There are SO MANY applications! You could use this app when you’re talking about adjectives to brainstorm words about certain kiddos (talk about a confidence booster too!), or label the parts of animals/plants in science. You could also pre-load the app with a picture of a character and list character traits. Load it with a picture of a number and have your kiddos compose and decompose it. Place value? That too! The possibilities are truly endless.

Hang in there friends! There’s only 30 days till Thanksgiving Break! #allthecarbs 

Getting the hang of this iPad thing, 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I've been using pic collage a lot, just because it's familiar to me, but I will totally try skitch now :)

  2. I love the idea of this app! We plan to use it in ELA tomorrow to label text features found in our Social Studies books.