Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kahoot it!

If you've never used Kahoot, you should give it a try! Simply go to https://getkahoot.com, create a login, and get started. You can either create your own Kahoot quiz or search through the THOUSANDS of Kahoot quizzes other educators have already created. Why reinvent the wheel? 

However, if you don't find anything you like, Kahoot makes it simple for anyone to create a quiz. It walks you through each step to create different types of questions including multiple choice, discussions, or surveys. Click here to watch a short 3 minute video that explains how to play a game of Kahoot. 

Recently, I used Kahoot to create a mini assessment over Similes and Metaphors. I typed up 10 sentences that each included either a simile or a metaphor, and students had to identify the differences. Once you've created a quiz, you'll have to launch the quiz, and then you'll be given a PIN for students to access the quiz with their devices. 

All students have to do is go to a web browser such as Safari and type in kahoot.it, type in the PIN, and they're all set! It's so fun watching the kids get excited about a quiz! The faster the students are at identifying the right answer, the more points they receive. The top 5 students will be displayed on the screen after each question. 

Feel free to come see me if you need help setting up your first Kahoot quiz!



  1. Can I come by sometime next week? Thank you for sharing this! I know that I learned about it over the summer, but of course I have forgotten to use it :) Thank you!!

    1. Dyann, you can come by ANYTIME! :) I'm happy to share.