Thursday, October 22, 2015


The more I use the app, the more options I find! 

Boards:Boards are available for many subjects and grades. The picture below shows a few examples. Anytime you see the cloud, those boards are free.

Games: In addition to the variety of boards available, you can choose from up to 29 “game” choices.  Each game can also be customized within each board, giving you additional level options.  Games can be played with pictures only, pictures and words or words only.  Other options include session length, word highlighting and audio hints.

Create Your Own: If you don’t see the board you need, just create one.  I took pictures of color cards and uploaded them.  Now my student has multiple games to play with the cards rather than just pointing to them on the table.  There is even an option to record sound on each picture. 

As students choose correct answers, the game adds additional choices.
The options in settings allows you to show as few as one and as many as 10 pictures or words.

Sharing: In order to use your created apps on another device you need to share them.  This allows others to see the boards and import them. This process is very simple and found in the contents section (3 dots in the top right corner of the screen).

Data: If you are looking for data, the scorecard is saved and can be viewed under the account tab if you purchase the app for $19.99.  My current work around is to screenshot the scorecard before closing it.  Please let us know if you think of another option. 

Each game has it's own scorecard.

Or you can click the "all time" tab and see multiple results.

A Few Ways We are Using Bitsboard
  • We use the sight word games during our morning arrival to keep students engaged.  They are practicing their sight words while playing games.
  • Students are utilizing money, time to the hour, colors, shapes, vocabulary, and emotions games so far.
  • The flexibility and individualization ability allows me to set games for student IEP practice and generalization.

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