Tuesday, September 8, 2015

QR codes

Educational technology is one of my passions! I am so excited and nervous to step outside the comfort zone of my classroom to share some of the ideas I have used.

QR codes are one of the first things that opened my eyes to technology in the classroom. They’re cool, mysterious and very user friendly. Perfect for students and teachers!

First of all, don’t recreate the wheel. You can search for QR code lesson ideas on Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers and blogs. There is something for every subject, experience level and grade level.

I use the I-nigma app to scan QR codes. It is a free download on your iPad.

 This is a QR code center I have up in my room right now for the alphabet. The kids caught on so fast and remained engaged! I love it and so do they!

 Occasionally, I will need something specific. You can create your own QR codes. I have created QR code scavenger hunts for word wall practice, science reteach and more! Class Tools is my favorite website to use for this.

Another quick and easy way to use QR codes is to create a personal code. I update my personal QR code each year and encourage parents to scan it on their smart phone so they can instantly access and save my important information. I got the idea from this Pinterest post.

This is my favorite free QR code generator.

I hope this is something you can run with and not feel overwhelmed. If you have any questions or have more ideas on this topic I would love to hear from you!!


  1. Great job, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing the resource links!!

  2. We love QR code activities. Teachers Pay Teachers has a wealth of activities already created that utilize QR codes. :) We plan to use one this week for students to self check themselves using prepositions and prepositional phrases.